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Rose Law Caribbean is a boutique practice specialising in Community, Anti-Corruption, Governance and Procurement & Public Construction & Infrastructure Law.
Rose Law Caribbean with its strategic alliances worldwide also provides sophisticated business and procurement solutions for companies expanding their business operations from or into emerging and frontier markets.
At the heart of our ethos is the need to be relevant.  The world is changing. Business is changing. Our understanding of the world and our relationship  with it is changing. In order to meet the demands for a more holistic approach to commercial problem solving, we have embraced technology, alternative billing arrangements and the engagement of non-legal specialists and firms to enhance our offering and provide a more sophisticated legal, business and economic consulting service to our clientele.
With our virtual platform we aim to exceed your expectations and provide a convenient and cost effective service for our clients all over the world.
We pursue our clients needs whilst maintaining our commitment to the principles of excellence in:
  • Providing legal work of the highest quality, while negotiating and, if required, litigating with tenacity and perseverance;
  • Providing strategic advice aimed at dispute avoidance and dispute mitigation
  • Insisting on the utmost integrity of our attorneys, paralegals, litigation team members and strategic partners worldwide; while
  • Offering attentive and responsive service to clients and pro bono assistance to select individuals requiring equal benefit and protection from abuse of power.
We empower clients to manage risk arising from legal issues both in and out of the courtroom underpinned by a bias in favour of proactive and preventative strategic interventions.

Our eCase Service is the first virtual law practice in the Caribbean and allows for eConsultations, ePayments, eCase Tracking (24/7) and Online Dispute Resolution (ODR).

Values Based Pricing – We base our pricing on the value we provide to our clients. Hourly billing does not always reflect the true value obtained by clients. We offer our clients alternative pricing approaches including flat fees, equity shares and subscription-based billing that matches our prices to the value obtained by our client. We are also willing to accept Bitcoins as formal payment.

Pro Bono Services – We are committed to helping those who find themselves victims of inequity, executive abuse and those who require support on integrity issues.  Clients are assessed and thereafter on a needs basis coupled with our areas of expertise we provide legal advice and support without payment.

Legal Services Procurement – We understand the needs of the sophisticated buyer of legal services in the 21st Century. Gone are the days when the oldest firm is appropriate for every area of the law. As new areas of law develop and as competition in the provision of legal services increases, clients can maximize their legal budget by hiring quality representation at the best cost available by utilizing best practice procurement mechanisms.  We have designed and developed a unique Legal Services Procurement Solution which is geared toward, in-house counsel in corporate entities, in-house counsel in public sector companies, companies entering CARICOM markets and individuals desiring a specialized high quality service at a price which maximizes value.

Non Legal Specialists – We recognize that in the changing world the need for clients to obtain the most comprehensive advice as quickly and efficiently as possible. Part of our unique proposition includes the engagement of non-legal specialists as and when required by the client, particularly in the areas of finance and accounting, forensic investigations and procurement fraud audits and crisis communications and litigation PR.

To learn more about partnering opportunities and how to become a member of the RLC Experts Panel contact us today at

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