Yelena Hewitt

YELENA B&W_edit_4Yelena Helen Hewitt LLB (Hons) LLM in International and European Law specializing in International Trade and Investment law, is Junior Counsel and Associate Attorney at Law at Rose Law Caribbean. Ms Hewitt was called to the bar in Trinidad and Tobago in 2009 and is a specialist in corporate and commercial contracts and litigation, probate, conveyancing and security documents.  Ms. Hewitt graduated from King’s College London with an Upper Second Law Degree and obtained the Legal Practice Course from BBP Law School in London. In addition, she has completed an LLM in International and European Law specialising in International Trade and Investment Law at the University of Amsterdam. She recently completed the intermediate level (B2) in Portuguese language at the University of Lisbon. Over the last five years, Ms. Hewitt has practiced as an instructing Attorney at Law in several civil and commercial litigation matters. She has worked closely with Senior Counsel in Trinidad and Tobago with specialty in Commercial Litigation, more specifically tax, insurance and corporate governance. Ms. Hewitt also worked as a Research Assistant at the Commonwealth Secretariat in London, U.K. and as primary counsel at the West Indian Tobacco Company Limited, in Trinidad and Tobago, a subsidiary of British Tobacco Company Limited.

Yelena Hewitt holds dual citizenship of Trinidad and Tobago and the United Kingdom. She is a member of the Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago.

Notable work

  • Acknowledged for research for the publication of the Book entitled "Bringing Justice Home: The Road to Final, Appellate and Regional Court Establishments” written by Cheryl Barrow, Legal Advisor at the Commonwealth Secretariat;
  • Represented an insurance company with senior counsel in a high court action and was successful in obtaining judgment in having a merger with another insurance company set aside;
  • Completed extensive research for a Master thesis entitled “Is the International Investment Regime ideal? A Critical analysis of the perception of Injustice of the International Investment Regime juxtaposed with the Brazilian Model.”