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The eCaseStart Service is a free service provided by Rose Law Caribbean, which owns and operates the roselawcaribbean.com website. There is no cost to submit questions or to receive any possible answers unless so advised by the attorney you are consulting. Because of the very high number of questions we receive each day, we had to make some rules for using our free services and for submitting questions and had to write some software to help us handle all the questions. These instructions and conditions may seem long, but we made them as simple as possible to understand because we (a) don't want to bore you and (b) we want to make sure you understand exactly the rules you have to follow, and the limitations.

Short Summary: Unless you book a formal consultation, by submitting your question you agree and understand that: (1) your questions will not always be accepted and will not always receive a reply.

Longer Explanation: Once you submit your question, it is randomly distributed to one of our various attorneys who may be qualified to provide answers to your questions, based on area of law and geographic area. Some attorneys may choose to reply to your question.

You will receive an email message from us notifying you if your question is accepted; rejected, or if a reply is given to your question, both your question and the reply will be sent to you via email.

Please understand that not all questions are accepted for reply. Sometimes questions will be rejected because they don't comply with our terms of use or for various other reasons.

Please also understand that unfortunately not all questions will receive a reply if there are no attorneys in our network who can or are willing to give a reply. Our goal is to try to help everyone who has a legal question either by allowing you to look up past questions or answers or by submitting your own. Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try it is not always possible to help everyone with this free Q&A service which does not amount to legal advice but general legal information only.

For the avoidance of doubt, it is only after scheduling a formal consultation, providing instructions to one of our attorneys, confirmation of completion of conflict of interest checks and agreement on billing arrangements, do you become a client of the firm.

You understand that the attorneys that belong to the network are affiliated with, but not employed by or agents of roselawcaribbean.com and Rose Law Caribbean and we make no representations as to the qualifications of any of the attorneys who participate in the roselawcaribbean.com site or who may provide answers to your question.

Any listing, name, content, material of any attorney or law firm found on this site does not constitute any endorsement, recommendations or referral of such attorneys. When deciding to hire any attorney or law firm you should do your own independent research and not solely rely on the materials found on this site.

We try our best to ensure confidentiality and protect your privacy when you post questions on roselawcaribbean.com. Your personal information such as name, address, email address, phone, etc., is only available to the roselawcaribbean.com administrators.

When an attorney posts a reply to your question, you will receive information on how to contact that attorney directly should you wish to do so. No attorney, except those administering roselawcaribbean.com, will be able to contact you unless you choose to contact them.

Questions, which do not receive a reply within a certain period of time, will be deleted from the system and users will be notified of the deletion. Furthermore, no follow up information to a question can be submitted after the original question has been sent. Any additional information can be given to any attorney that may have answered a question. You are only allowed to submit no more than one question every 30 days.

Remember that no information found at this site, in the database or in the responses from attorneys can replace a face to face meeting or telephone consultation with a "real live" attorney about your particular case, problem or question. The information you find here or in the answers should just be a starting point in finding your answers.

Nothing transmitted to or from this web site constitutes the establishment of an attorney-client relationship between you or any attorney.

If you don't want to submit a question, you can search past questions and answers in many legal categories in the roselawcaribbean.com database. To do so just click on the "Search the database" button in the left sidebar. That option will allow you look up past general questions and answers, from other users and attorneys, by state or country, area of law and keywords. The database of questions and answers literally grows by the hour, as questions from people like you are posted and answered by the network of attorneys. Something that may not be in the database today could perhaps be there tomorrow.

If "time is of the essence" and/or if you need immediate assistance, you should contact an attorney directly via telephone or in person as soon as possible. You can use a search engine online and look up attorneys by State, Country or Areas of Law and can even search by keywords. You can also contact your local or State or Country Bar or Law Association for a referral to an attorney that may be able to help you or you can try to find an attorney through your local phone book.

Rose Law Caribbean or roselawcaribbean.com is not liable for any direct or indirect damages suffered as the result of the content and replies found on roselawcaribbean.com or through the use of the roselawcaribbean.com site.