Stephon Grey

stephongreyStephon Grey is a Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Internal Control Auditor and Forensic CPA Educator. His expertise has been acknowledged regionally and internationally through the performance and management of numerous assignments for clients in territories including Thailand, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Barbados, St. Kitts, Suriname, Jamaica, Grenada, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Columbia, Miami and New York. Before specializing in Forensic and Fraud Auditing, he worked in the energy, banking, and audit services sector.

Currently, Mr. Grey serves as a Forensic Audit Consultant whose services are offered throughout the Caribbean. He is also the Director of Education at The Caribbean Institute of Forensic Accounting, and a Forensic CPA educator.



(3) Noteworthy assignments include;

UK Oil & Gas - Currently serves as the Independent Assessor at one of the UK’s largest gas companies, operating in the Caribbean, where he executes contract audits on several multi-million dollar projects, as required under the UK Anti-Corruption & Bribery Act. He has executed 62 assessments thus far, from 2008 to present, resulting in millions of dollars in savings, as a result of asset tracing of misappropriated funds and asset recovery.

The Grenada National Stadium - Served as the Forensic Auditor on behalf of the liquidator for ICS (Grenada) LTD. Re: “The Grenada National Stadium controversy” This multi-million dollar matter surrounding the structural collapse of a football & athletic stadium was heard in The International Court of Arbitration and the High Courts of Grenada. Asset Tracing identified Cash and Offshore Bank Accounts.

The Great 60 Million Con – Served as a sub-contractor to Kroll UK ltd, in a case where The National Energy Corporation (NEC) officials discovered millions of dollars missing from its USD Account. The fraudster posed as a courier of NEC and presented to the corporation's bankers, wire transfer documents bearing signatures of NEC officials as well as email confirmations to facilitate the wire transfers. Money was transferred to Bank accounts in Boston, Antigua, Dubai and Guyana. A manhunt led by Interpol, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and our private investigative team to identify and capture the fraudster and his associates. Approximately US$4.6 million was recovered by the state bank from foreign financial institutions. Approximately US$5.0 in overseas bank accounts was frozen.


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