Public Procurement Policy Considerations in the Caribbean: Trade, Governance & Development by Margaret Rose, LLB (Hons), LLM

Dedicated to Professor Norman Girvan (1941 – 2014).

This chapter examines public procurement policy within the Caribbean context. We first examine procurement policy in the context of broader, neoliberal market based reforms and its limiting effects on using public procurement as a socio-economic development tool. We then examine the state of various public procurement reforms in the Caribbean, as well as particular experiences such as disaster procurement. Third, we examine some broader developments such as relating to the Economic Partnership Agreement and some alternatives. This chapter finds evidence of instances in which public procurement is used toward furthering local economies, and the OECS stands out as a unique and unparalleled collaborative public procurement system among state groupings. However, much progress is yet to be made and Caribbean leaders are not yet seen ready to assume the responsibility for regionally relevant procurement policy development. Click the link below to read more.

Public Procurement Policy Considerations 2014