LSP Solution

For the sophisticated buyer of legal services, through our LSP Solution we provide timely and cost effective selection support, empowering you to obtain the most appropriate lawyer, at the most appropriate rate to meet your legal challenge.

As Caribbean law evolves to meet the demands of globalization, regional economic, social and environmental realities and the rapidly changing, modern commercial environment, the demand for a much higher degree of specialization and sophistication in legal service delivery has become an imperative.  Additionally, new and emergent fields of law and burgeoning regional and comparative legal instruments and case law dictate that specialisation is a prerequisite to the efficient and economic provision of legal services.

The need for accurate, timely and cost efficient multi-jurisdictional advice and representation delivered in a responsible manner is now more paramount than ever. However, notwithstanding the altered commercial and legal landscape, we believe that three client-centered indispensables remain unchanged:

•     Clients require time and cost-efficient options for quality legal services;

•    Clients need to feel confident that they are receiving the best legal advice for their specific challenge or opportunity;

•    Clients must be able to access their legal representative when required.

At Rose Law Caribbean we are committed to providing clients with timely, efficient and effective tools for legal problem solving and litigation deployment in our specialised areas of the law, aggressively pursuing our clients needs whilst maintaining our commitment to the principles of excellence in:

•    Providing legal work of the highest quality, while negotiating and, if necessary, litigating, with tenacity and perseverance;
•    Insisting on the utmost integrity of our attorneys and litigation team members and strategic partners worldwide;
•    Offering attentive and responsive service to clients in a responsible commercial environment and pro bono assistance to individuals of limited means requiring equal benefit and protection from abuse of power.

In the areas of law, in which we are not specialized we support clients with our LSP Solution which is a customized Request For Proposals (RFP) process for the selection of lawyers and law firms. The use of RFPs for the procurement of legal services is fast being considered industry standard for a buyer of legal services requiring highly specialized cost effective legal service delivery.

If the process is fair and objective, and conducted for the right reasons, an RFP process can enhance the provision of quality, cost-effective legal services as well as the relationship between the client and the law firm.  Our LSP service includes specialised RFP processes for the following types of buyers of legal services and can, in some cases, be turned around within fourteen (14) days

  • In-house lawyers and corporate counsel in public and private sector entities in seeking external advice,
  • Solicitor/Instructing firms seeking the most appropriate counsel
  • Foreign Companies and Companies in CARICOM States seeking to engage local lawyers throughout the CARICOM
  • Individual Clients

To find out more about we can help you source legal services in CARICOM States schedule an eConsultation or contact us now.