Joyce Naar

JoyceNaar2RLC Expert - Community & CSME Law Practice - Joyce Naar, Lawyer Brussels Bar (Advocaat/Avocat) since 1993, has extensive experience in representing  and defending clients in and outside courts, lobbing, legal advice, legal research, legal writing, public and private law.  Joyce leads the Community Law practice at Rose Law Caribbean.

Joyce specialises in trade and economic issues concerning Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) and the cooperation with the EU, Economic Partnership Agreements and Free Trade Agreements.  She has advised governments, private sector, civil society and members of parliament of Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP). She has experience with the negotiating and draft of mining and mineral agreements between State and multinationals.

Education: Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Master in Law Degree; University of Suriname: Bachelors in Law Degree; School of Journalism, Utrecht, The Netherlands, Bachelors Degree in Journalism.

Publications: She is the author of ‘A description and analysis of the ACP-EU-Partnership-agreement. Co-operation on the basis of mutual interest and in the spirit of interdependence", published March 2002 ( Dutch language); ISBN 90-74705-07-3), as well as many articles and papers on the ACP-EU Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA),  CARIFORUM-EU Economic Partnership Agreement (CF EU EPA) and Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs). Languages: Dutch, English, French, German. 

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