Integrity Management

Our commitment is to help you successfully manage integrity issues in your company and at a professional level. Managing integrity issues is fast becoming one of the most critical issues in business today.  Scandals relating to public and private sector corruption and white collar crime are highly disruptive to corporate operations and professional mobility.  At Rose Law Caribbean we believe in taking a proactive and preventative approach to these issues and we design customized game plans to identify, manage and reduce corruption and fraud risks and empower organisations and professionals to leverage these opportunities for positive organizational and professional transformation.  In addition, we design, implement and provide ongoing support to effective whistleblower systems, empowering organizations to treat with reporting individuals fairly and responsibly while containing reputational risk.

Also in our Integrity Management Practice we support social entrepreneurs, NGOs, charities and for-profit businesses with projects aimed at addressing societal ills.  We structure legal, financial and procurement arrangements and frameworks to assist in making your project a success.

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Integrity Management Practice

Toolkit for responsible business & managing corruption & fraud risks.