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Welcome to our trademarked eCase service.  Here we simplify the process by which you obtain the critical legal support, guidance and advice you require in our areas of specialisation. Through our eCase service you have 24/7 access to the lawyers, paralegals and non-legal specialists and services of the firm without ever leaving the comfort of your home or office. Overseas clients have a reliable and secure partner in legal service support in several Caribbean jurisdictions.

Benefits of eCase Service

  1. The number 1 benefit is CONVENIENCE.  We put ourselves in our clients shoes and we try to simplify the process of your obtaining critical legal support.  Sometimes all you need is a question answered quickly or you simply do not have the time to come and sit in a lawyers office because of your pressing work and personal commitments.  We believe that your lawyer should take burdens off your shoulders not add to your obligations.  With eCase Start you can contact your lawyers virtually and gain much needed advice and support in your legal transactions without leaving your home or office. With our eCase QuickStart service you may be able utilize our firms paralegal service to reduce legal costs with standard non-contentious work such as company incorporations, registration of copyright and trademarks, company and civil registry searches, powers of attorney etc.
  2. 24/7 ACCESS to information relating to your case. At every stage of your matter we strive to ensure that you are kept aware of any change within minutes of the information being communicated to the firm.  Once you become a client of the firm you have access to our groundbreaking eCase Track service whereby you can in a secure environment check the status of your matter, peruse all documents filed and/or served and received, track the next action required by your lawyer, other parties and yourself and also send direct messages to the lawyer assigned to your case. eCase Track is updated daily so that clients can be assured that they are receiving the latest updates on their matter.

  3. General LEGAL INFORMATION & ADVICE when you need it.  The eCaseStart service also gives general information and advice as you are filling out the forms including standard definitions and principles which should guide the information you are placing in the forms.  Although this does not constitute legal advice specific to your case unless you have a formal consultation with our lawyers, many times, all you need is an answer to your more general enquiries on the law. Through our eCaseConsult service you can obtain legal advice specific to your situation.

  4. QUALITY services.  Our firms lawyers, consultants, partners and affiliates are specialists in their respective fields and we strive to ensure that you are receiving the quality advice and care in your legal matters when you become a client of our firm.

  5. Get Started in just FOUR EASY STEPS!


Step One   Choose the service you require

Choose from a number of service areas currently available to our clients in the eCase Start and eCase QuickStart functions

Step Two   Complete the required online form

Fill out the online form completely.  General information on standard definitions and relevant principles will be provided to assist you in filling out the form.

Step Three Schedule a Free Consultation

As an added bonus to our online clientele we offer one free consultation with one of our firms lawyers after completion of the eCaseStart Form.  The form must be completed in its entirety and this requirement is a mandatory prerequisite to    scheduling the free consultation.

Step Four  Retain the firm

There are many methods to retain the firm remotely (i) credit card or link through a secure online channel, (ii) cheque or money order (iii) wire transfer (iv) bitcoin and (v) alternative billing

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